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Twitter lists are going to be …

Twitter lists are going to be a MUST HAVE!

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Twitter lists are going to be a MUST HAVE

If you have logged on to Twitter lately, then you may know that Twitter lists are in beta and launching in prime time soon. One of the first questions people ask me about Twitter is, “how do I organize all that information?” There are many fantastic tools now for organizing that are hosted independently from Twitter. Now Twitter has created a lists feature to let you categorize your tweets.

Just go to the list function and create a new list. Give it a searchable or logical name. I create one called @lisadiaz/alldenver

Everyone I follow who is in Denver is on that list. I’ll be adding more. Various marketing categories, and some personal categories, like my favorite cycling twitterati.

Twitter lists will be another way to have searchable content and to search for content. I believe they just went live in beta November 1.

Also check out the TLists API that is coming soon! It features quick list creation, a dashboard for monitoring and a simple distribution tool.

I’m excited to see how this vettes out and how it impacts our Tweet life!

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I’m curious! LD RT @twitter Sp…

I’m curious! LD RT @twitter Spooky things will happen when you use #trick or #treat in your tweet today.

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Does good content sell itself?…

Does good content sell itself? What do you think? @mattChevy I think you have to create buzz to get it going. LD

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Finishing content to present a…

Finishing content to present at Women in Business @ the Denver Athletic Club. Title: Marketing for Mere Mortals.

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RT @marketingprofs Writing for…

RT @marketingprofs Writing for the Web – MarketingProfs Online Seminars I am attending this.

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At the Scream Scram at WAsh Pa…

At the Scream Scram at WAsh Park. Cool costumes

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RT @Theatricallie eBay/Paypal …

RT @Theatricallie eBay/Paypal and MillerCoors are donating a cent per hashtag to what I do not know. #beatcancer

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iDiazBlog Employee Engagement …

iDiazBlog Employee Engagement and Retention for Mere Mortals: At 3-15 x/salary to replace/train, turnov..

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Employee Engagement and Retention for Mere Mortals

Hello! I am interviewing Fiona Cattermole of Cattermole and Associates. Our topic is employee disengagement and how it’s related high costs to employers. Fiona, what exactly is employee disengagement?

Employee disengagement happens when somebody doesn’t have clear direction or understanding about what is expected of him

I understand that you are a performance management specialist – what exactly does that mean?

That’s somebody who explores costs and causes of poor performance and develops solutions for it

Sounds like a role that can be very useful for a company. What do you see as the main cause of poor employee performance?

An overwhelming number of studies point to the cause as being poor management – managers often don’t get enough training to manage well.

That makes sense. From an employer’s perspective, what is one of the most costly results of disengagement?

At 3-15 x/salary to replace/train, turnover is probably the most costly result of disengagement.

Wow! That’s huge! So, to troubleshoot this spotting disengagement must be critical. Is disengagement easy to spot?

No – disengagement doesn’t always look obvious. He may be working, but not clear about how to do something, or what to do.

So, what does a manager or employer do to stay ahead of the problem and spot disengagement? Are there other signs within the company?

Common signs are individual and dept goals not being met, employees griping, managers/leaders always are “pushing” to get things done.

What does this cost the company?

According to Bureau Lab/Stats employees are disengaged 2 hrs/day – you do the math on hourly average pay and the annual cost is HUGE.

What can be done to make employees more engaged?

Give them CLEAR expectations, attainable goals, hold them accountable, and acknowledge/reward for their efforts.

How do you do that?

You give managers ample training/mentoring on how to manage, and hold them accountable to getting results. TRAINING is crucial.

If an employer makes those changes, what are the potential financial gains? In other words, where’s the payout for this effort?

Even reducing disengagement 1 hour/day, do the math again – hourly rate x 1/day/employee, annualize it and you have the answer.

That’s very useful information! What about the gains in other ways? Productivity for example?

Improved morale, trust, innovation, productivity and – ultimately – profit for the organization.

That all sounds like a positive move forward!

Is there anything else you want to add about employee engagement and what we can do to maintain it?

Gather data that show progress – assessments, satisfaction surveys, turnover rates. Hire a professional to guide you.

And how can we find you? Web site, email, etc.?

At (30) 807-1044, fcattermole AT

Oops – that phone # is (303) 807 1044!

Perfect! Thank you Fiona! You have been very helpful sharing your knowledge.

That concludes our Tweeterview with Fiona Cattermole of Cattermole and Associates. Another iDiazMarketing for Mere Mortals Tweeterview!

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