Social Media EKG with SocialMention

Practice online listening. I love SocialMention!

One of the big benefits of social media is the ability to learn what “the buzz” is on just about any topic. What is most relevant for small businesses to listen for is how your customers and potential customers are talking about you, your products or services or those of your competition or industry in general. Knowledge is power that allows you to deliver the best that you have to offer and leverage or improve upon what makes you unique.

Some of the reporting from a SocialMention query

Some of the reporting from a SocialMention query

SocialMention This tool is a treasure trove of information. Imagine any of your online alerts on steroids.

When you visit SocialMention, you simply enter the keywords you want to search for, which could be your company name, that of your competitor, a keyword related to your product/service, etc. Choose to search under blogs, microblogs, comments, videos or several other options. The result is an easy to read dashboard of results including:

  • the strength or likelihood that this is mentioned in social media,
  • the positive to negative sentiment ratio,
  • the passion quotient, and
  • reach.

Top keywords and actual users are listed and quantified. In the body of results you will see the actual postings that can be sorted by date, source, rank. I recommend you visit this site and test drive a few searches, especially your blog, website, company name and your competitors.

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Posting for Technorati claim. Thank you for your patience with this post.

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6 effective tactics you can do now, to promote your book online.

I am often asked how to get the word out on a new book or publication. Working with a good public relations consultant or agency exposes you to opportunities you may not have considered. But if you just need a jump-start and are able to commit some resources to for some D.I.Y. (do it yourself) efforts, then here are 6 effective tactics you can implement that will get the word out!

  1. Write a press release that describes your book in a way that is interesting to your audience.  It should be newsworthy and not promotional. Consider the point of view of a journalist to place your story and not that of a customer you are selling to. Here is a link to a site that offers help with submitting press releases: In your release, make sure that you have a paragraph about your company with a contact name and contact info. A picture of the book cover and of you, the author is helpful too.
  2. Get exposure from industry-relevant online newsletters and news groups. Contact the publisher or group manager to see if you can submit your book for a review or a news posting. You can also submit your book excerpts or blog postings to relevant newsletters so they can offer useful information to their audience while you promote your book.
  3. Promote your book on Amazon.
  4. Get testimonials you can publish. Get people you know to read your book and ask for quotes that express their opinion of the book. Ask permission to use the quotes and include how you’d like to list their name. For example: Lisa D., Denver, CO, or Lisa Diaz of iDiaz Marketing, etc. Get permission that you can record in writing. Email should be o.k.
  5. Publish book excerpts in your blog with a link to purchase your book. A picture of the book cover with an embedded hyperlink attracts attention. Don’t forget to embed descriptive text into your image so it’s searchable!
  6. Tweet a sentence about your article in your blog that links to your blog post. Use searchable terms in your tweet so you appear in relevant searches.
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Interactive Marketing Nears $55 Billion; Advertising Overall Declines

From Forrester’s blog.

With dollars moving out of traditional media toward less expensive and more efficient interactive tools, marketers will actually need less money to accomplish their current advertising goals. – Shar VanBoskirk, Forrester Research

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How paid and organic search relate

Great story on some considerations regarding the balance between paid and organic search. I am often asked this question in my workshops and this story restates my answer.

Story posted: July 15, 2009 – 2:27 pm EDT, by Chris Dawkins in B2B Online.

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News from Digital Buzz – Innovative site from CPB Group

Crispin Porter + Bogusky have just launched a very cool new site into beta for their agency. They are renowned for creating some of the worlds best advertising which has critics buzzing for good and for bad but those dynamics will be used in their new website to create streaming content!
CPB are integrating live twitter feeds, news articles and aggregating blogger’s posts into the new site, it’s a pretty gutsy move as these sorts of things can be influenced for the worse, but for a top agency like Crispin the good far out weighs any bad and simply just creates more buzz around being bold online!

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