3 Tips You Can’t Ignore for Success with Your Facebook Fan Page

Many companies are creating Facebook Fan pages for their brand. If you are considering a Fan Page as a part of your marketing strategy, here are three tips for a successful start:

  1. Know what you want to accomplish by having a Fan Page. Saying you want more sales is a nice goal, but be more specific. Who doesn’t want more sales? My objective from my Fan Page is to establish iDiaz Marketing as a reliable resource for information on new marketing media like email marketing, social media and search marketing. My secondary objective is to create enough buzz from being a reliable source to generate more customers either by referral or directly from fans.
  2. Find at least 25 fans so you can get a vanity url for your fan page. Why? Because a vanity url has your brand as a part of the url. And a url with your name in it is more searchable than a url with random numbers in it.
  3. Create a customized landing page for new fans. A landing page that welcomes new fans is so much more helpful and welcoming to a new fan than if they land on your wall as a first impression. On that page, welcome them and tell them why your fan page exists and why you are glad they chose to become a fan of your page. It’s ok if you can’t create it immediately. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your fan page doesn’t have to be either. While I have helped many people with their company fan page, my page is new and my landing page is almost ready. By the way, my fan page is http://www.facebook.com/iDiazMarketing Come hang out on my fan page. I promise no spam and to do my best to be engaging and informative.
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