marketing copy

Marketing copy. Not just for you and your mother.

When I am helping a client with their marketing copy, we occaisionally get stuck in a cycle of deliberating small phrases that are written in very long dissertations that extoll the wonders of a product or service. Our intent is always a good one. Let’s make sure the client really understands what we have and why we are so great.
But, a reality check always brings me back to my favorite comment I coined to these situations.

“Nobody cares about what you have to say about yourself as much as you or your mother do.”

When I remember those words, we get back on track to the important issue…The Customer!
Speak to the needs of your customer and save the diatribes for your mom, who will treasure every word you say as much as she loves that clay ashtray you made for her in 3rd grade, even though she doesn’t smoke!

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