multiple touch points

Match your objectives and available resources to marketing media.

Stop stressing about all of the marketing media available. Focus your energies on those that apply to your business objectives and the resources you have available to manage them.

I was chatting with a non-profit club that I am active with about ways to leverage our LinkedIn group. After generating some simple ideas based on what we wanted to accomplish and who would do what next, someone enthusiastically said, “We need a Facebook page too!” This club has 60 members, and my response was, “why?” My answer startled the group in the room. After all, I was the member with the eMarketing experience. Why would I discourage or question the use of an online media?

The answer, we found a tool that most of the club was willing to use. Our members are all volunteers. That which we create, we must manage and maintain. Facebook is a fantastic social media tool that is widely accepted, but we already had one — LinkedIn. The best analogy I could come up with after all the surprised looks from my fellow members was this, “If you were adding appliances to your kitchen, would you buy both a Kitchen Aid AND a Cuisinart food processor?” Maybe if you were doing a LOT of cooking!

Multiple touch points online is an excellent way to expand your reach. But before you engage in them, define what you want to accomplish and assess the resources available to manage them. For example, if you are going to implement Twitter into your marketing plan, will you use it? What do you want to accomplish? How will you measure success? How much time will it take from available resources to see success?

Remember the 5 steps to a successful marketing campaign that I facilitate at my workshops and interactive consultations with clients:

  1. Define your objectives
  2. Understand the marketing tools
  3. Chart your course.
  4. Measure success.
  5. Assess and revise.

I’ll be speaking about “Marketing Smarter” and using these 5 steps on September 15th in Denver, CO. This half day workshop will include an interactive workbook that you will complete and help you develop a brief marketing plan that you can begin to implement immediately. Visit the iDiaz Marketing registration page for more information or to register.

I’d also like to share a well written article from Harvard Business Publishing that further supports my views on implementing the latest and greatest marketing tools wisely. It’s titled, “Don’t Keep Up with Social Technology” by Alexandra Samuel

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