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Social Media EKG with SocialMention

Practice online listening. I love SocialMention!

One of the big benefits of social media is the ability to learn what “the buzz” is on just about any topic. What is most relevant for small businesses to listen for is how your customers and potential customers are talking about you, your products or services or those of your competition or industry in general. Knowledge is power that allows you to deliver the best that you have to offer and leverage or improve upon what makes you unique.

Some of the reporting from a SocialMention query

Some of the reporting from a SocialMention query

SocialMention This tool is a treasure trove of information. Imagine any of your online alerts on steroids.

When you visit SocialMention, you simply enter the keywords you want to search for, which could be your company name, that of your competitor, a keyword related to your product/service, etc. Choose to search under blogs, microblogs, comments, videos or several other options. The result is an easy to read dashboard of results including:

  • the strength or likelihood that this is mentioned in social media,
  • the positive to negative sentiment ratio,
  • the passion quotient, and
  • reach.

Top keywords and actual users are listed and quantified. In the body of results you will see the actual postings that can be sorted by date, source, rank. I recommend you visit this site and test drive a few searches, especially your blog, website, company name and your competitors.

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